“It’s hard to be obese, it’s hard to be unhealthy, it’s hard to exercise. Choose your hard.”

Dianna Risley

You are not getting younger…but can you still get better?

Exercise Is Medicine at every age – but on this site, the spotlight is on the 50+ adult. I hope you find this collection of interviews to be entertaining and inspirational – and maybe even discover useful training / fueling / recovery information that you can apply when training for your favorite sport(s). But underneath the joy these athletes feel while performing or competing, I’m hoping to also uncover more evidence that for the prevention or maintenance of most chronic health issues – exercise is even better than medicine.

Most interviews will be broken down into three primary sections: a quick highlight of the athlete called “50+ in 50 seconds”, followed by questions specific to that athlete’s sport, then a deeper dive regarding overall health.

If you are a 50+ athlete and would like to share your story, or would like to nominate a friend who is defying all expectations of being 50-something, send me your contact info via email and let’s schedule a time to chat!

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